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Case on Bass (Casebere) is a virtuoso bass guitar player and composer. He is noted for a prolific musical output of short eccentrically modern instrumental tracks with various musicians, most notably with Casebere & Joyner an electric guitarist and Cooper & Casebere­ with a keyboardist. However most of his live performances are through his solo bass work, which is best described as detailed soundscapes rather than just soloing and singing on a bass. His overall music style can best be described as avant-garde with characteristic personality.

Casebere’s trademark is free-form improvisation. Often times the performance can't be repeated exactly the same ever again. These music performances, recorded live in studio or in front of an audience, are then edited and made into tracks. The tracks exhibit a wide variety of moods and styles and can range from amazingly beautiful to dark and brooding to rocking out to downright "out there". He considers all of his music to be spiritual (not religious) and is not even attempting to be mainstream. The meaning of his music is different; and it doesn’t have to be put into words. Casebere's niche is in artsier type venues and parks rather than the bar/club scene.

Casebere currently has 11 albums on iTunes, all released in the past year, seven with Casebere & Joyner, three solo Case on Bass albums, & a Casebere & Cooper album.


Bass Tones